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Our body piercing community is the place to share your body piercing experiences and photos, ask questions in forums, join groups, chat to other pierced people and so much more.

We’ve made some big changes to the BPH community

It looks a little different around here, doesn’t it? Enjoy new features like sharing your piercing photos on your profile and groups, instant chat, less ads, a brand new look and feel, plus loads more.



The whole purpose of this site is to create a safe space for people to build connections with fellow pierced people and be inspired to get their next piercing.

Add friends, join groups, answer questions in the forums, and much more.

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Search members

All members get access to our members search page, where you can browse our entire member directory and use the advanced filters to find and connect with people you’d love to meet.

You can search by keyword, piercings they have, age, location, and even relationship status..because who knows…your soulmate might also be into piercings too

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Share photos

By popular demand, members now get to upload photos to their profile, groups and private messages. Oh snap!

Your photos help inspire others to get their next piercing.

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Send messages

Our new and improved instant messenger now makes it easy to message other members with ease. Never miss a message again by turning on push notifications.

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We’ve created a space for people to hang out and share their experiences. Groups can be as niche or broad as you like – they’re a place where you can share your experiences with other members who have the same interests as you.

Whether it’s piercing-related or not, our community groups are designed to connect you with others.

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The forums are a place people can ask questions about piercings, aftercare, get general advice and much more, but you need to be a member to ask questions or reply.

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